Guide to SEO

SEO Recruitment Websites

HotLizard's Recruiter Sites is written on an SEO friendly platform, so includes SEO features that you can use to elevate the pages and content of your recruitment website above similar sites and pages in search engines. 


The root of all SEO is keywords and to give yourself a good chance of being found on the web you need to know what your potential customers and candidates are searching for (typing into Google basically) and to ensure that your website appears in the search results for these search terms.

If you are a Recruitment company specialising in Sales Jobs in London within the Electrical Engineering sector, then you ought to tailor the content on your pages around these terms (which we would like to think would happen naturally anyway). As well as the content on your pages there are several other elements of your site that need to reflect these keywords. The pointers below will allow you to make the most of the tools at your fingertips without getting too technical.


The URL for your pages can be changed and this is an important factor for Google to be able to understand and interpret the content of the page. Note the URL for this page, it contains our keywords for the content of this page as well as serving as an easy to read snapshot of the content.

Note: Always use hyphens to separate words

Meta Keywords

Keep this simple. Meta Keywords (often called Meta Tags) are a brief page description, should contain your keywords and you may want to include details of the author.

Meta Descriptions

There are conflicting opinions on Meta Descriptions but one universal truth is that they do not influence your page rankings as the major search engines do not consider these when ranking your site. The benefit that they do have is that they will probably help your click through rate from search results page to your site by giving the user a clear idea of what they can expect from your site (assuming that what you do is what they want).

Your Meta Description should be around 130 to 155 characters (including spaces) and should include a call-to-action (if applicable) like 'start your new career here' or 'register now to let ABC Recruiter find your next job for you'.

Meta Description


This relates to the main heading of your page. To make good use of it try to include your keywords whilst making it enticing so that visitors will want to read further.

H2 & H3

These tags relate to secondary and tertiary headings in your content and where appropriate should contain keywords but don't try to force keywords in there. You need to keep the information readable and useful.

Images & Alt text

When you include an image always make use of the Alternate Image text (sometimes abbreviated to Alt text). The absence of this will be penalised by Google.

Content Marketing

There is no better single SEO 'trick' than consistent quality content. If you can give your audience something of value and keep them coming back you will be on to a winner. Creating great articles or having a great blog, applying the techniques above and keeping it fresh can be time consuming but in the war for eyeballs it is essential (see to get professional content written for you at reasonable prices). YouTube is a very powerful search engine so creating video content will help gain traffic but make sure it is valuable content, your company biography will not get a million views.

YouTube Logo

Backlinks and dofollow

If you are creating great content try to get it out there on other relevant websites and ask for a link back to your own site. These backlinks can be powerful (especially if the site the link appears on is highly ranked). Try to ensure that links to your site are 'dofollow' links. This will help the rankings of the linking site flow through to your own site.


SEO is a specialist and diverse field with many different facets. If you are not careful you can find that you have spent a whole day researching and getting deeper and deeper into it. Make use of the tools available in your CMS and if you have decided that you want to rank on page 1 for certain keywords consult a professional and keep yourself focussed on what you are best at.