Google for jobs – is it really working?

#Googleforjobs has been live for nearly a year now in the UK and we have had some interesting feedback from our job board and recruitment website clients, all of which are Google For Jobs compliant as standard.

The range of feedback has included anecdotes such as:

  • Quality of applications has improved
  • The views to application ratio has decreased
  • Direct applications has increased to recruitment / careers websites

One question that this has raised for some of our recruitment and careers website owners is which, if any job boards do they need to continue to use. Although some feel that the quality of applications provided by their specific job boards has improved in more recent times.

Conversely, our job boards have seen an increase in traffic landing on jobs via Google For Jobs and then carrying out further searches across the job board, where effective cross and up sell has become essential.

This anecdotal feedback is in contrast to other feedback available, that job seeker abandonment were…. surprising @ The Jobboard Doctor.

It is still very much a mixed bag in terms of feedback for both recruitment / careers websites and our job board clients. With Google For Jobs being continually refined and the candidate user experience under review, it will be interesting to see where Google For Jobs is in a year.