Job Board Designs

There is much more to any job board design than "does it look pretty?"

The Starting Design

The design templates harness years’ worth of online recruitment experience, ensuring that key functionality is placed where it best delivers results, with the key being a prominent quick search that takes the candidates straight to their job search results. 

Initial Design Changes’s templates can be customised to achieve various layouts. Furthermore, each template can then be tailored by:

  • Choosing a colour palette that matches your business brand and the option to add to all auto generated emails
  • Uploading your logo, including the ability to opt for a different logo for the OpenGraph and favicon options
  • Adding Images and the way that they are positioned across the job board

Making Changes

Via the administration portal, you are able to tailor a wealth of content within your job board at any time and with instant results, including:

  • Content – includes updating existing content pages and creating new pages
  • Navigation – wording and structure of the main and secondary navigation
  • Videos – these can be embedded in various places across the website
  • News and Blog –new articles can be added at any point
  • Events, Case Studies and Testimonials – these sections can be used at the start or added in later, if required
  • Social Media – links to accounts can be updated and new links / icons added at any time

Customised Designs

We also realise that some clients require a more bespoke design, including the need for branding guidelines to be followed.

At HotLizard, we offer a customised design service that allows your job board to be tailored to meet your specific requirements. As each design is unique to the specific design brief and requirements, Quotations for customised designs will be available on receipt of a detailed design brief.”

All aspects of the job board can be altered, ranging from:

  • Font used
  • Main navigation positioning
  • Styling of teaser units
  • Quick search placement
  • Internal content pages

These customised designs can be created before go-live, or can be applied to the job board as and when they are required. Once again allowing the job board to grow and evolve as the business starts to change.

If you would like further information on the customised design options or would like a quote for a bespoke design, please contact us and we are happy to provide the information required.

Some live examples: