NetResourcer Outlook Plugin

The Outlook Plug-In enables you to log emails and extract CV’s from Outlook* into NetResourcer.

The plugin can be downloaded within a few minutes from the following URLs:

Outlook Plug-in Office 2003 - 2007

Outlook Plug-in Office 2010

Please note that the Netresourcer Outlook Plug-in is not compatible with later versions of Outlook.

Installation instructions:

  • Firstly close Outlook
  • Click on the [NetResourcerOutlookPlugin] link ;
  • Select to [run] the file download
  • If the download picks up a security warning select [run]
  • Click [next]
  • Click [next] again
  • And click [next] one more time to install NetResourcer
  • Lastly click [close]
  • Launch Outlook, a new ‘NetResourcer’ button can now be found on the top toolbar
  • Click on the [NetResourcer] button in Outlook
  • Select [settings]
  • Add your host name, which is your NetResourcer URL without the http://
  • Add your NetResourcer Username and Password

The Outlook Plug-In is now installed and ready to use.