Secrets to Job Board Success

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Your customers

Employers love stats and the more you can give them the happier they will be to part with their cash and advertise with you. Make sure that you can tell employers and recruiters about the number of registered candidates, number of unique page impressions, number of job views, number of applications etc as all of this data will inspire confidence in your service.

A common way to find potential customers is to search your competitors' job boards. Try searching on the big sites as well as some of the smaller niche ones.


Give people a reason to visit

The proliferation of job boards is evidence that there is still money to be made from them and many successes stem from building an audience then making money from it with a job board. If you can give a section of the working population a reason to visit your site (resources, information, inspiration, tools etc) you can then put relevant jobs in front of them.

If you don't have the time or resources to build traffic in this way you could partner with a site that already has identifiable traffic. If you choose to go down this route make sure that the traffic is in a definable niche.

Tap into communities or create your own. It may take a little leg work but Facebook and LinkedIn are valuable places to get your job board noticed by the right crowd.

Are free trials worth it?

Many experts will say that you have to give free trials to start relationships with employers. However, when someone is given something free its value is instantly diminished and the employer is less likely to take the trial seriously. If you offer a low introductory rate (as opposed to a free trial) you are more likely to keep and up-sell these customers as they will give more attention to their 'trial' simply due to the fact that they had to pay.

Look after the pennies

Spend your money wisely. There are a plethora of services out there that support job boards and if you're not careful you can quickly find yourself burning through money. Aggregators like Indeed and Adzuna have vast job seeking traffic. They display your jobs and you pay per click (PPC) every time someone clicks those jobs (which then redirects them back to your own site). Providers like JobG8 now offer a variety of services that revolve around the delivery of traffic, applications, CV's and allow members to generate revenue in a variety of ways.