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HotLizard, the online recruitment job board specialists, have in recent years developed It's a software-as-a-service (SaaS), low-cost job board platform that is suitable for every industry and sector. We pride ourselves on building Job Boards that focus on delivering candidate applications, helping drive the advertising sales to clients.

Our job board platform is purchasable as a self-service solution. If you are ready to go, you can be live within 20 minutes after completing a few simple steps. Prices start at £99 per month. Speak to a member of the team today and let them guide you through the process.

Built to Deliver has been designed and built to deliver results - not only to candidates and recruiters (the end-users), but most-importantly to you, the job board operator. With every site automatically becoming a member of the Network, the opportunities to earn revenue exist from the moment that your site launches from the instant job content is real. There is the option to opt in and out of the network at any point and to refine, update the jobs feed real time.

Cost Effective - for a start up

This can either be purchased as a self-service, white label function and, if you are ready to go, you can be live within 20 minutes after completing a few simple steps, with prices starting at £99 per month. With a low cost starting point, it makes achieving return on investment easier to obtain.

Cost Effective - for an existing site

For existing jobboards, we offer bespoke pricing packages that include data migration of clients, live jobs, candidates and the candidate job alerts. There are also bespoke pricing options for established sites and these are available on request. To request a copy of the price list, please click here.

Job Board Design 

With our platform, you have use of a full content management system. This gives you control of all the content and imagery on your site. Make use of various pre-built layouts which offer design flexibility. The system offers full control of sectors and locations, you can add and remove them as and when you want.

Customisation Options allows any bespoke, specific requirements to be catered for, you would just need to chat through the options with the team to ensure the options available are the most effective for your business needs. These bespoke options can range from design tweaks through to functionality updates, where prices quoted are based on the specific change requested. Changes can be made pre or post go-live at any time.

Search Engine Performance 

Ranking high in search engines gives a clear advantage over your competitors. Our platform is SEO friendly and offers all the SEO aspects you'd expect. This includes content, control of meta details and full control over URLs. All of our jobs are indexed, this tells search engines the type of content you are delivering.  The platform features a news section, case studies and an events section. All of these can be used to produce search engine rich content. XML sitemaps are auto generated from the website navigation, this can then be submitted to Google Search Console.

Google for Jobs 

We index well for Google Jobs as our job board platform is compliant. This explains why we have mandatory fields in the job posting section, such as salary, location & sector. As much as we have done our part, well written job content plays a large role. Check our article, How to Write a Good Job Advert.

Social Media 

Social media plays a big role in the job board industry. In order to capture this audience, you'll need to engage with them. Our job boards enable you to add your social media links to your footer. It can feature a Twitter feed on the home page and all news, events & case studies are shareable. All jobs are shareable using the built-in Share This Job functionality.

Clients Advertising Jobs

Clients can pay to advertise jobs at any point by using the eCommerce set up that is fully integrated with the payment gateway, Stripe. Our job board owners have complete control of the rate card and the products sold, where these can be altered at any point. Discount codes can also be set up and distributed.  

Job Search Capabilities 

We provide a quick and simple job search to get users into results. Once there, users can refine their search further using salary, location, work type, etc. This offers a pleasant user experience for those who are searching for jobs. Candidates also have the ability to set up and manage job alerts.

Job Board Costs 

Our prices start at £99 per month and allow you to benefit from the continual upgrade pathway, hosting with Microsoft Azure and access to unlimited support.

If in due course you would like to upgrade to Enterprise, you just need to chat through the options with the team. This ensures that the options offered are the most effective for your business needs.

We provide a bespoke solution that allows full customisation. To find out more about this platform, please contact a member of the team for more information.

To find out more about our job board technology, please contact a member of the team on or 01635 527900 


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