Brochure Websites

HotLizard, have in recent years developed Brochure Website Solution. It's a software-as-a-service (SaaS), low-cost website design platform. We pride ourselves on building websites that focus on communicating your brand values and story.

Our Brochure Website platform is based on off the shelf design solutions that can then be customised and you can have an initial staging site set up within 20 minutes.

Brochure Website Design 

With our platform, you have use of a full content management system. Make use of various pre-built layouts which offer design flexibility, whilst still giving you control of all the content and imagery on your site. You can make the following instant updates at any point:

  • Content – includes updating existing content pages and creating new pages
  • Navigation – wording and structure of the main and secondary navigation
  • Images – all images used across the website
  • Videos – these can be embedded in various places across the website
  • Colour Scheme – the core site colour structure and specific aspects can be changed by hex code, including the email template colours
  • Logo – this includes the option for uploading different logos for open graph, emails and browser favicon
  • News and Blog – either or both can be added, where new articles can be added at any point
  • Events, Case Studies and Testimonials – these sections be used at the start or added in later, if required
  • Social Media – links to accounts can be updated and new links / icons added at any time

Search Engine Performance 

Ranking high in search engines gives a clear advantage over your competitors. Our platform is SEO friendly and offers all the SEO aspects you'd expect. This includes content, control of meta details and full control over URLs, this tells search engines the type of content you are delivering.  The platform features a news section, case studies and an events section. All of these can be used to produce search engine rich content. XML sitemaps are auto generated from the website navigation, this can then be submitted to Google Search Console.

Social Media 

Social media is playing a larger role in the recruitment industry every day. In order to capture this audience, you'll need to engage with them. Our recruitment websites enable you to add your social media links to your header and footer. It can feature a Twitter feed on the home page and all news, events & case studies are shareable.


  1. Design Flexibility

  2. Custom Design Availability 

  3. Cost Effective 

  4. Intuitive CMS 

  5. No Coding Knowledge Required 

  6. Amazing Customer Service 


Website Costs 

Prices for this platform is just £500 for the initial set up cost, followed by a monthly hosting fee of £30.  If the hosting fee is paid annually upfront, the cost for the year is only £250.

We provide a bespoke solution that allows full customisation. To find out more about this platform, please contact a member of the team for more information.


Some Live examples: