Launching Recruiter Sites

So you want to create a Recruiter Site, but have no clue how to begin? Well, you are in the right place!

This guide will highlight some of the key information that is advisable to collect before you start with your new Recruiter Site.

Domains and Hosting

Before we get started, you should understand that every website must have a domain name.
Domains can be purchased via a DNS provider such as 123-reg, Godaddy etc. These providers will also offer domain name hosting as well. This is required to keep your domain live and also support your emails.
We include the hosting of your website, so you don’t need to worry about this!

Site Design & Branding 

Creating a new recruitment website design is easy with HotLizard's template based design solution. To create a new site, all you need is:
  1. High Resolution Logo – this can be resized if required
  2. Images – think of possibly purchasing an image from i-stock etc. This can also be used across your social media platforms to help create brand consistency.
  3. Your Social Media Accounts – think about which sites you would like to use i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Some work more effectively for certain industries!
  4. Your Colours – ideally these need to link into your logo and should be a specific hex code

Your Content

It is important to create your recruitment website content before you start to build your new website:
  •  We provide auto-generated content that is very generic that you can edit, if this helps
  •  Ideally your content should contain key words around the industries and locations that you are working in
  •  Your meta tags and meta descriptions can be extracted from your content


To keep your recruitment website current and fresh, it is worth considering updating articles that are available and these include:
  •  Latest News – relevant news articles can be shared across social media to generate interest and awareness
  •  Testimonials – sometimes it is interesting to reference what others have to say about you
  •  Case Studies – this is an opportunity to explain more about how you work
  •  Blog – If you have the chance to craft and publish relevant articles, this can a great way to create an online discussion

Sector Listings

You can create bespoke sector listings that are used in the candidate's job search. These can be as specific or as broad as you like, but they are your choice and relevant to your industry. The sectors created and can updated and amended by you at any time and the updates are made instantly.
Browse by Jobs are available to be added in the footer and these provide a quick link through to job search results. Some times these are an exact match of the sectors and on occasions these are higher level. These are also helpful for SEO.


There are banner slots across your site that you can use for various calls to action. You can create banners that are on brand and specific to your target audience. These banners can be changed at any time, by you, so can remain current.

Multi Posters

Do you use any multi posters?
If so, these are free of charge from Recruiter Sites to integrate to. There may be costs from the 3rd party, so we would recommend that you check with them first. 


For further information contact the HotLizard team: