Careers Websites

HotLizard can provide your business with a professional Career Website that will seamlessly blend in with your existing brand.

Some tips for a careers site

Explaining Your Brand

When developing a careers website, the core objective is to try and sell the benefits of working for your company. This is a great opportunity to showcase career pathways, types of jobs available and what your company culture is really like. Employee testimonials, both written and via video can be great ways of communicating who you are as a company.

Being Responsive (the website platform!)

Various research has shown that up to 80% of job searches are carried out on mobile and tablet devices, so a fully responsive design that is optimised for all devices is essential. A fully responsive design needs to consider the mobile user experience, so not making the navigation too complicated is helpful. Fully responsive designs also have a positive impact on SEO. As the content will be displayed across all devices, interactive information such as videos can be very engaging and can be a great way of demonstrating who you are as a company.

Ease of Job Applications

Ideally you need to make the process of finding the perfect job as easy and as straight forward as possible. With options such as the ability change your job sectors to meet your company’s requirements will help improve the candidate user experience and keep the information as concise and as relevant as possible.  Options such as setting up jobs alerts also enables your careers site to work on your behalf to contact your prospective candidates with their ideal jobs for you.

Thinking of Content

When adding information to your careers website, it is important to try and ensure that it helps with the candidate user experience, where ideally the perfect candidates are encouraged to apply for your roles. Adding in video content can be a great way of explaining who you are and your company values. Links to social media is another fantastic way of allowing your prospective candidates to have an insight as to who you are as a company. Features such as adding testimonials and case studies can allow feedback from current employees and clients to be added with ease.

Its Own Unique Area

When considering developing a careers website, if you can allow this to be on a sub-domain such as jobs. Or careers., this allows the content to be specific and focused to your target audience, prospective candidates. Ideally a great careers website will allow you to add and control the content, so this can also grow to be an external site that also caters for the needs of current staff and allow for the supporting information of items such as time sheets, if appropriate.

Straight Forward Contact Options

A great careers website should have various methods of communicating available for the prospective candidates. Relevant phone numbers and email addresses should be available, as sometimes options such as instant chat can be beneficial. Instant chat works well if there is the company resources to be responsive with incoming enquiries. 

Google Jobs

There are constant changes within technology and the recruitment space, where one of the latest developments is that of Google Jobs. If you are looking to develop a careers website, it is important that it is Google Jobs compliant, as this will have a positive impact on SEO and the candidate user experience.


If you are considering a careers website, please feel free to give the team at HotLizard a shout. HotLizard allows a staging site, free of charge and with no obligation – just to see if a careers website is right for you. The team can be reached on 01621 813 339 or

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